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Pleasanton, CA - The Goodguys Southeastern Nationals, an event created by our late founder Gary “Goodguy” Meadors and H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler, will no longer be staged at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The decision to part ways with Charlotte Motor Speedway was mutual and amicable. They are a first class facility and we are grateful for our

Hot rod manufacturing companies are rolling along at a fever pitch. It seems every manufacturer we talk to says “Last month we set a sales record. In fact, every month we’re setting sales records!” The proof is in the numbers. When you get a minute, scroll through the HRIA’s bi-annual report. There is some good data.

We see a lot of cars out on the Goodguys event circuit. If you listen to enough conversations, you just might overhear some folks saying things like “Nobody is building or driving hot rods anymore.” This article and photo gallery will quiet that notion down a little. These images were snapped over the course of

As they like to say in Hollywood, that’s a wrap! This is the final installment of our five part video series capturing the sights, sounds, people and cool cars of the Goodguys 2018 Hall of Fame Road Tour. As you have seen through this video series, it was the best one yet! Today’s video captures our

When he’s not building insanely cool Swedish station wagons, Louisville, Kentucky’s Greg Carnforth can be found building airplanes. He flies them too, just like he flies down the road and around the track in his newly finished ’65 Volvo wagon. We have seen offbeat, LS-swapped, track-suspended wagons before, most recently with Suzi Bauter’s ’63 AMC widebody.

This smooth 1963 Buick Riviera dripping in PPG ruby red paint had a magical aura at the Goodguys 1st Kentucky Nationals in Lexington. It pulled us in for a closer look and a photo shoot. Besides the slick jewel color, low stance, original nailhead 401 and a custom grill, your eye catches a hint of