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Every car guy older than 30 knows (or should know) the name Offy. It’s shorthand for Offenhauser, the last name of Fred H. Offenhauser, and the moniker of the all-conquering four-cylinder engine that dominated the Indianapolis 500 during the mid-20th Century. Among the many legendary figures who have etched their name in the Brickyard’s 108-year

When Gary Munsch’s dad first brought home this first-year Mustang 44 years ago, Gary didn’t want anything to do with it. After all, he was cruising a ’62 Fairlane to high school at the time and didn’t want to give up the V8 power for an inline-six Mustang. His dad, however, told him to try

As a freshman in high school, Lee Badger bought a 1974 Javelin for $500 and immediately started hopping it up. It didn’t take long for the stock 304c.i. V8 to be yanked out in favor of a 401 with a cam, intake and big Holley carb. Headers were added, of course, as well as some

Depending on where you call home, there might be a couple prime autumn days for a cruise in the crisp fall weather, but there’s no denying it – winter is on its way. Some of you may have even seen some snow flurries by now. Shorter days and cooler weather mean it’s time to look

Do you remember those monster hot rod illustrations that were so popular in the ’60s and ’70s, the ones by Ed Roth and Ed “Newt” Newton with the cartoonishly large engines stuffed into tiny cars? Kim Brynn’s 1965 Dodge Dart GT is kind of like one of those brought to life – a ’60s compact

Dave Kindig is known for designing and building bitchin' rides both in his shop, Kindig-it Design, and on his MotorTrend reality TV show, appropriately named "Bitchin' Rides". With his wife, Charity, and team by his side, Kindig has built himself a great life – one he says he's careful to never take for granted. "Growing up