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The 1968 Indy 500. Fifty years ago. The End of Two Eras, the Beginning of two more and a grueling month-long battle of wills contested not only at the infamous 2.5-mile oval Brickyard but also at a proverbial crossroads. Rhythm and blues cotton pickers may tell of a “Crossroads” in the Mississippi Delta where the Devil

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend continues to gain momentum as one of the strongest cars-meets-culture events worldwide. And trust us…they come from international lands to be part of this thriving scene. So how did it get to where it is today? Twenty-one years ago, Englishman Tom Ingram took a gamble in the city of Las Vegas.

Everyone deserves to retire, even old farm trucks like Don Debnam’s 1973 Chevy C-10. For this squarebody beauty, gone are the days of hauling, well, at least whatever it used to haul around the farm back in the day. We have seen farm trucks fair far worse than Don’s half ton. Most farm duty C-10’s have

The Livermore Cars and Coffee isn’t actually called a Cars and Coffee. It’s real name is the Asphalt Social Club but its essentially a cars and coffee format and like those events, offers a great setting for a morning tire kicking session with fresh brewed beans and hot cars. But what set this event apart

The 1947 Mercury Woody was the top of the line wagon in the auto manufacturer’s stable at the time. With a price tag of roughly two grand, they were the ticket for beach-going large families. With three rows of bench seating, slatted wooden roof liners and a healthy dose of maple on the outside, they

The Kelley Park VW Spring Meet is one of California’s most popular car events. Historic Kelley Park itself is a sprawl of 172 green acres located in San Jose, California. It serves the community at large for a variety of purposes - picnics in the park, its own zoo, a Japanese friendship garden, and a