More Man and Machine

We dare you to find a more bitchin station wagon than Merianne Pharr’s 1955 Plymouth BA-GT. Year’s back, Dave Pharr (best known in the rodding community as “Big Poppa”) had been searching for a wagon to build for his wife Merianne. Then one day he was talking with one of his neighbors and mentioned he

Our longtime friend Jere Alhadeff (pronounced Al-Ha-Deff), is one of the greatest drag racing photographers of all time and a true gentleman. We are lucky to present some of his work here in today’s Time Capsule story. Jere has been photographing cars and motorsports for over 50 years in Southern California. He began shooting drag racing

The recent Winter Jam Drifting Festival at Sears Point was a holiday treat. Billed as Northern California’s largest drifting event, it features both amateur and pro drivers getting sideways at speed. Just like AutoCross, entry is pretty easy and the rules fairly basic, the biggest difference being all cars must have a 4-point roll cage. This

Jaime’s 2017 Ford Mustang California Special is an award winner wherever it goes. After seeing it in person, we just had to take a closer look by spending a few hours with Jaime and his cool car. This late model muscle car is a perfect example of a build that’s not overdone; sometimes less is

Jesse James is a polarizing figure in the world of performance machines and industrial design. Some love him, some dislike him but if you have any strains of hi-performance DNA inside you, you no doubt respect his talent. A lot of folks (like us) envy his Austin, Texas compound where he builds things. All kinds

Eric’s 1987 Chevy C10 ended up like most trucks - worked hard and abused. So by the time Eric came across this squarebody its clear coat was long gone, its body and interior were a little beat up but it was still straight down the sides, and perfect for what he needed it for. He