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The Swap Meet & Cars 4 Sale Corral portion of the 1st Virtual Car Show is just a sampling some cool finds that we stumbled across during the 2019 season – if you’re actively looking to buy a new project or sell your existing ride check out our online Goodguys Classifieds as well the printed

Detroit Speed is synonymous with muscle cars as they build state-of-the-art suspension components for an array of American Muscle Cars…and everything at Detroit Speed is proudly American Made! The Mighty Muscle area is right up their alley by showing support to all kinds of mighty muscle cars regardless of brand and giving them a place

Homebuilt Hot Rods are the cornerstone of our industry and we’ve stumbled across a lot of fine rides in the Homebuilt Heaven area presented by Speedway Motors over the years! Speedway Motors pushes us to get in our garage and work on our projects. They honor the “do it yourselfers” with recognition and year-end prizes.

The engines are revving and tires are squealing on the AutoCross track! These lead foot racers lay it all on the line when gunning for the fastest time of the day. With six classes to compete in there’s room for everyone to have some on-track fun at just about every Goodguys event – your show

There’s a handful of Air Cooled vehicles out there that are eligible to park in the Golden Star Classic Auto Parts Air Cooled Corral but 99% of the participation at any show is composed of Volkswagens with the occasional Corvair joining in. Early VW’s have a cult following and their loyal fan base stretches worldwide.

The Chevrolet Camaro…undoubtedly the most iconic Muscle Car in American automotive history. Terms like Copo, Yenko and ZL1 are deeply rooted in the automotive history books. It’s no wonder why they have a special parking area just for themselves. Eddie Motorsports presents the Camaro Corral which attracts a large gathering of first-gen Camaro’s but the