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When you grow up in a family where your dad and granddad are welders, you’re going to learn skills that will serve you well as you get older. In Mike DuSold’s case, that early exposure to manipulating metal paid off. DuSold Designs in Lewisville, Texas, is one of the more diverse shops in the country,

Editors Note: Story written in first-person perspective by the 1972 Ford Maverick builder & owner Glenn Sinon I grew up in a hot rod household. My dad has been inflicted with the incurable disease of being a true, down-to-the-core hot rodder and passed it down to me. I don’t follow any particular brand or style of

If you have a love for hot rod road trips that combine scenic routes with a mix of eclectic hot rod shops and collections, then the Destination Del Mar road tour is for you! On Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 we are rolling out of the Bay Area and headed south to the sunny beaches of

Butch Poe is a lucky guy. He’s retired and he lives in Florida. He’s got a tinker shop and an ex-drag racer buddy named Fred Kinney who is also retired, and they like to hang out and build cars. “I have plenty of time,” he says. “We don’t have to get in a hurry or

Looks can be deceiving. If you happen to find yourself on 220th Street in Rockwell City, Iowa, you could easily drive past the Lakeside Rods and Rides steel building and think it’s just another small-town guy trying to make a living building cars. But you’d be woefully wrong. [caption id="attachment_50293" align="alignnone" width="1200"] The building is relatively

(Editor’s Note: This profile was assigned to a special guest columnist, the esteemed Stroker McGurk himself.)  Wow, Tom Medley. Where to start? I knew the guy from the very beginning. We go way back – back to 1948 when Tom Medley joined Hot Rod magazine. You could say we were drawn together by fate. He was 28