2021 LMC Truck Spring Lone Star Nationals Features Three AutoCross Shootout Events!

Goodguys 11th LMC Truck Spring Lone Star Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas is right around the corner.  Holding court at the Texas Motor Speedway from March 12-14th, an expected 2000+ rods, trucks and customs are slated to roll in, making this Goodguys event the place to be this weekend.

Along with the cool cars, trucks and attractions for all the family, there will three, count ‘em three, AutoCross Shootout events bringing all types of vehicles and driver skills to one event. Classic Performance Products (CPP) is the AutoCross series sponsor this year and we’re excited to partner with them to bring you these events.

Tremec “Lone Star” Shootout

Scheduled for Saturday afternoon, March 13th, this is the AutoCross shootout event that Goodguys is known for.  With four shootouts – PRO-X, PRO, ForgeLine Street Machine and FiTech Challenger/LMC Truck, the drivers will duke it out to see who can beat the Optima Batteries clock.

From there, the four fastest cars from the PRO-X, PRO, and Street Machine classes will square off against each other to see who can rip through the cones fastest without tipping ’em over. The fourth shootout will be compiled of the two quickest Challenger racers, and the two quickest Trucks.

LMC Truck AutoCross Shootout

Get your truck fix at the LMC Truck-only shootout on Saturday afternoon.  This is the event to attend if you want to see everything from full-tilt race trucks to the Clampett’s old jalopy. If you think big old trucks can’t move quickly, prepare to be amazed. We worked closely with our sponsor LMC Truck to bring you the biggest and baddest truck event in the country.

The LMC Truck Shootout will include a minimum of eight trucks with room for up to sixteen. Whatever the number, bring your truck to Texas, get out to the Goodguys CPP Autocross track and show the crowd what you can do. The Truck shootout will begin when the 2pm Tremec Lone Star shootout event ends.

“No Limits” AutoCross Shootout

Last but not least, the “No Limit’s” AutoCross Shootout takes place from 4-5pm on Friday during the LMC Truck Texas Tailgate Party.  This event is where Goodguys pits “Pros vs Joes,” or in other words, non-pro drivers square off with the hot shoe pro guys. Any class can compete here, and when the dust settles and molten rubber cools off, we’ll take the eight fastest “Pros” and the eight fastest “Joes” and pit them against each other.

The best part?  A green pea racer could win against a big cheese champion.  Goodguys likes to keep things challenging so if there is a big lap time difference favoring the Pros, officials will average times, even things out and establish a handicap for the Joes.

This is our first event of the 2021 season and if you dig fast cars and trucks, the 11th  LMC Truck Spring Lone Star Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas on March 12-14th, has a veritable smorgasbord of Goodguys CPP AutoCross events for you.

For ticket and registration information, go here. You can also sign-up in person when the show opens on Thursday the 11th. For a detailed tutorial on AutoCross tech, registration and pit information, click here.

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Dave Cruikshank is a dyed-in-the-wool car guy and an automotive industry veteran, with a decade of journalism experience including editor of Corvette Online and Rod Authority. He has a special affinity for curvy fiberglass, big American sleds, fat-fendered cars, and the culture surrounding the automotive enthusiast community. In his spare time, you can find him tinkering with his cars, on his bicycle exploring sunny Southern California, or scouting out mid-century architecture. He currently owns a 1995 C4 Roadster, (everybody's favorite generation of Corvette) a 1976 Cadillac Seville and a big old Ford Van.