Dave Schaub Winoliner, Goodguys

A Christmas Custom – Dave Schaub’s “Winoliner”

Bay Area Roadsters member Dave Schaub is a died in the wool hot rod guy. He drives his hot rods everywhere. In fact, you might remember his double “49 in 9” exploits when he took his Brizio-built ’32 Ford roadster through all 49 continental United States in just 9 days for charity. He came back two years later and did it in just 7 days. He’s an amazing guy and he did it all for charitable donations to the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

A tradition for the Bay Area Roadsters is to have a secret Santa exchange during their Christmas party. This year Dave drew Mark Reuter’s name. Mark is lucky because Dave’s tradition is to build a custom car contraption every year for his secret Santa gift recipient.

Here is Mark’s new custom piece named the “Winoliner.” Mark is a wine enthusiast so Dave went to work in his shop hand crafting a wine themed vehicle.

Dave Schaub Winoliner, Goodguys

The main body is a 1940s era Electrolux vacuum supplied by Greg Rawls from California Roadsters. Phil Whetstone from California Roadsters did the body and paint work while Dave did the design and build.

A bottle of Mark’s favorite wine is housed in the belly of the Winoliner with a custom label that lists the folks involved in the build and the pieces and parts. A hidden corkscrew and secret wine cork storage all add to this fun build. The brilliant wine color paint and lettering is the work of the famed striper Phil Whetstone.

Dave Schaub Winoliner, Goodguys

Dave says the auto grade finish will last for years. Dave is the man. Once again through his talent and kind heart, he’s whipped up another one-off gift of Christmas joy!

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