Belltech coilovers, Fuel Curve

Slam that new Truck with Belltech Coilovers

Belltech coilovers are due out in June and use cutting edge motorsports technology that equals more performance on the road for your 2007-2018 Chevy and 2015-2018 Ford truck. When KW Suspension purchased Belltech over a decade ago, their product line improved greatly since KW is one of the world’s foremost suspension companies.

Belltech coilovers, Fuel Curve

Now late model Chevy truck owners can experience KW’s technology with these Belltech coilovers. With compression and rebound stage dampening, they can be tuned separately and independently of each other. The damper set up can be customized to your own driving preferences or vehicle changes such as weight, tire characteristics or altered vehicle rigidity. True performance optimization is only possible with this unique, patented system.

Take a gander at these specifications of this exciting new product:

-Independently adjustable dampening technology for rebound and compression
• Twin Valve Rebound Adjustable Technology (TVR-A)
• Twin Valve Compression Adjustable Technology (TVC-A)
-Adjustable rebound stage damping with 18 clicks of adjustment
• Less body movement
• More comfort
-Adjustable compression stage damping with 12 clicks of adjustment
• Bracing, more grip, more performance
• Comfort, adaptation, tire stiffness
-Heavy gold zinc galvanized 60mm strut housings for extreme corrosion resistance
-22mm Hardened chroma piston rods
-Aluminum spring seats
-Progressive rate polymer open cell foam bumpstops w/ dust shields
-Tested adjustment ranges for maximum or customized suspension lowering
-OEM approved damper components for extra durability

Belltech coilovers, Fuel Curve

So if you’re wanting both looks and performance for your late model Chevy or Ford truck, you have found it in Belltech’s new coilover system available in June. For inquiries you can reach Belltech at 1-800-445-3767. Tell ’em Fuel Curve sent ya!

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