Former plumber-turned-maker madman Colin Furze has dedicated his life to building some of Great Britain's coolest contraptions. From jet-powered bicycles, fire-breathing go-karts to home-spun hover bikes, this chap has serious skills. And he test-drives every one of his crazy creations, personal safety be damned. Furze is

If you told us you were going to launch yourself in a 250 horsepower long shaft propeller-equipped skiff down a waterway in the remote reaches of Thailand with no helmet or safety harness, we’d most likely call you an idiot. We would also ice down

When you live in the remote reaches of Alaska, you gotta make your own fun.In this edition of Friday Funny we look at the tiny town of Glacier View (about 40 miles north of Anchorage). Antagonizing Grizzlies is played out. Shooting the rapids on the