classic instruments direct-fit squarebody gauges, fuel curve

Classic Instruments Direct-Fit Squarebody Gauges

The hits just keep on coming for next gen cars and trucks – 1973-1987 GMC and Chevy squarebody trucks in this case. The latest aftermarket manufacturer to offer goods for the next gen crowd is Classic Instruments. They recently unveiled their all-new 1973-87 Chevy/GMC truck direct-fit cluster. And it looks bitchin’!

classic instruments direct-fit squarebody gauges, fuel curve

The “Square Body” cluster is completely electric and is designed for seamless, direct installation into the stock dash of 1973-87 Chevy/GMC trucks, Suburbans, and Blazers. It also uses the existing factory bezel during installation maintaining stock appearance. End users have the ability to choose a near stock gauge style, or select one of Classic Instruments’ signature styles for a more unique cluster.

Installation is straight forward. The package includes a single-connection wire harness, replacement lens, and all necessary sending units. No need to stress about fuel sending unit compatibility either. The cluster features a fuel sending unit selector switch so you can set it for compatibility with the existing/factory fuel sending unit – no new unit is necessary.

classic instruments direct-fit squarebody gauges, fuel curveAdditionally, the cluster features the turn signals in the stock location. It also utilizes the existing or factory gear indicator maintaining the nostalgic integrity of the vehicle. With Classic Instruments’ Zeus Speedometer Technology – you’re hi-tech while looking old school.

The direct-fit cluster is available through any authorized Classic Instruments’ dealer or direct from the factory. Click here to order direct.

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