Friday Fails – Corvette Edition. “Yep! Knew That Was Comin!”

Corvette guys. We all know them. There are some cool ones, but mostly, they’re a little “different” from other car guys. Leather fingerless gloves? Check. Fake tan? Check. Hideous hair dye? Check. Sweater tied around their neck? Check. Loafers? Yes. Gold watch? Uh huh. Trophy wife either in the car or at home. But of course!

Corvette guy lives in places like Palm Desert, Boca Raton, and Vegas. Corvette guy has shiny wheels. Corvette guy has two driving styles; he’s traveling 55 mph in the far right lane or he is going 100 mph in medium traffic. In most cases, Corvette guy is not a good driver. Some Corvette guys race away from every stop light thinking they cannot be defeated. Often, Corvette guy runs out of driving talent at precisely the wrong moment.

As you will see here, Corvette guy makes his own trouble and often is struck down by the god of karma even when he’s minding his own business. We like you Corvette guy. We like hazing you even more. Check out this Corvette edition of Friday fails!

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