H&H Flatheads, Fuel Curve

Goodguys-Fueled News Top 10 Stories of 2018 – #8

Editor’s Note: In our annual countdown series we are reviewing our favorite ten stories of the 2018 season, stories you may have missed or enjoyed so much you wouldn’t mind seeing them again. We published nearly 500 stories on Fuel Curve this year! Talk about moving the needle! Our freelancers as well as our own staff were out and about covering the men and machines and the energy associated with a life at speed. We think you will enjoy these as much as we enjoyed producing them! We hope you and your fam have a great holiday season! Our countdown will take us through January 1, 2019.

H&H Flatheads, Fuel Curve

Full Story: H&H Flatheads – Cranking Out Classic Ford Engines One at a Time

Mike Herman is one of those 40-something’s that is keeping the traditional hot rod flame burning bright. Owner and operator of H & H Flatheads in La Crescenta, CA – Herman is the flathead V8 guru of the west, maybe the entire nation. He builds, assembles and tunes more flathead V8 motors than anyone we know or have even heard of.

H&H Flatheads, Fuel Curve
What makes his process unique is that he precisely balances rotating assemblies for the Flathead engine. He’s a perfectionist and his engines have stood the test of time. We sent our agent Mike Harrington over to Herman’s place to get pictures and to tell is a little about the shop, its history, how Mike came to own the joint and what makes them special.


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With three decades of automotive journalism under his belt, John Drummond serves as Senior Editor – Digital Media for Fuel Curve and Goodguys Rod & Custom Association where he has worked since 1990. Drummond got his start in motorsports reporting by making a fake press pass to gain starting line access. The ruse worked and he began covering auto races as far back as 1986 in Northern California, eventually getting his stories published worldwide. He has owned and driven everything from a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere to a ridiculously modded Subaru WRX as well as a string of Mercedes AMG’s, most of which had the warranties voided the day after leaving the dealership.

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