fuel curve's top 10 stories of 2017

Fuel Curve’s Top 10 Stories of the Year #7

Editor’s Note: In this countdown series we are reviewing our favorite ten stories of 2017, stories you may have missed or enjoyed so much you wouldn’t mind seeing them again. We have been here just seven and a half months but it seems like much longer. Scouring the globe to find the coolest cats, cars, and trucks, we have successfully established this platform to showcase the people and the power. So CJ and I thought it would be good to review ten of our favorites. CJ and I both weigh in on why we liked them so much. Enjoy!


dse's third gen camaro, fuel curve


CJ: I personally never cared for third-gen Camaros or 99% of other post ’73 cars, but after seeing this monster my opinion has surely changed. The improvements made to the stance, suspension and powertrain have really transformed an ugly 80s car into an eye-pleasing beast. Then when you see and hear it on the track it’s pure insanity! Seeing new products and new horizons in the realm of hi-performance cars is always fun. All that remains is some Quiet Riot in the cassette player!

John: Leave it to Kyle Tucker and Detroit Speed to take the mundane and make it mean. Really mean. The 80s were “unfortunate” in terms of style and performance. I thought Fox Mustangs always looked better than these big-bumpered, forgettable four-eyed F-body Camaros but applying Pro-Touring principles and performance to this car has helped launch the transformation into the next generation of muscle cars. The 723rwhp Mast Motorsports LS7 doesn’t hurt either. Grab your cutoff shorts, Oakley Blades, and puffy white Nike hi-tops and mash that throttle!

Fuel Curve Top 10 of 2017

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