Thanksgiving, Fuel Curve

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Friends at Fuel Curve!

Thanksgiving. A time to reflect and celebrate the blessings of the harvest. Together we have harvested quite a few memories here on the ‘Curve the last seven months through our stories and our faithful fuelers. There are hundreds of thousands of you. That’s a lot of turkey.

We are thankful you came to visit us when we launched in May and we’re just as thankful you come back each day to see what’s on the story board. Our team takes great pride in bringing you well written and artfully shot stories.

We are extremely thankful to our team members, authors and photographers around the globe. It’s not hyperbole to state we have some of the world’s finest journalists covering the lifestyle, machines and culture of speed.

While we put in a lot of time keeping Fuel Curve stocked with stories, it’s really not work. It’s our passion. How lucky are we to be able to do this? For that, we are thankful.

Let’s eat!