HJC STAR WARS Helmets: Galactic Protection for Your Dome

When it comes to riding your street cycle, no helmet manufacturer is more creative than the folks at HJC. Their recently released Star Wars helmet line has rocketed motorcyclists into a new dimension of cool.

After claiming the #1 film of all time at the North American box office last year, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, HJC thought up a creative way to make sure the buzz from the film franchise translated to the street. And really, what better way for a fan is there than to strap on his own uniquely painted helmet and merge with the unstoppable force of highway traffic. Let’s face it, there has always been an air of mystery to a street rider, wrapped in leather, his face concealed by a dark visor. These helmets only add to that mysterious cool factor.

HJC Star Wars Skywalker Helmet

The HJC IS-5 Luke Skywalker X-Wing open face helmet was released this week

Four our money, the Boba Fett helmet is best, but the Kylo Ren is dark and mysterious. The manufacturer also just recently came out with an open-face Luke Skywalker model. Mark Hamill never looked better!

So how did this cool union between motorcyclists and the Star Wars film franchise happen? George Hong, President of HJC America, Inc., worked hard with his team to pull it off and create colorful helmets fans would be proud to strap on. “We are thrilled to be working with the awe-inspiring brand that Lucasfilm has created,” Hong said. “Riders and fans of Star Wars will love the new helmet line. RPHA 11 Kylo Ren’s special chrome and flat finish graphic design and the uniquely distressed graphic of the RPHA 11 Boba Fett are beyond cool!” We tend to agree!

hjc star wars helmet boba fett

HJC’s distressed Boba Fett helmet is probably the coolest street helmet we have ever seen. Way, way cool

Prices are in the $500 to $650 dollar range – a small pittance to be the coolest dude at the stoplight. Visit your local authorized HJC dealer for more details and availability.