A Mid-Season Review of the 2021 Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series

As the Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series reaches the halfway point in the 2021 season we thought it would be a good time to take a closer look into the current points standings, and any championship battles that are heating up. Class champions for all six Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series categories (PRO-X, PRO, Street Machine, Truck, Challenger, All American) will be decided by each driver’s best five event finishes, plus any earned Shootout points from those best five events.

In the result of a tie, class champion(s) will be determined by the higher qualified car at the season ending Duel in the Desert in Scottsdale, AZ on Friday November 19th, 2021.

Kicking things off with the PRO-X class we have Team Speedway driver Robby Unser leading the pack with 54 total points earned over three events so far in 2021. Also with three events under his belt this year is Mike Ahlstrom holding down the number two position with 41 points. Not far behind is Summit Racing driver Josh Leisinger with 40 earned points with only two appearances so far in 2021. Gary Hart has 26 points in fourth, while Jared Leisinger rounds out the top five with 14 points earned in his one appearance this season.

We see the standings tighten up when we move into the PRO class with a slew of Corvette’s ranging from 1963-1987 filling the top spots, and one second-gen Camaro. Ryan Matthews in his ’87 Vette leads the charge with 40 points earned so far in three events, Corey Williams is the driver of the lonely Camaro sitting second with 31 points. Brian Martin currently holds third place with 24 points but Ron Scott Jr. is not far behind sitting fourth with 22 points. Rounding out the top five is Bob Bertelsen as he swept the North Carolina Nationals event earning the maximum 20 points at his one and only showing in 2021.

In the Forgeline Street Machine class, multiple-event winner and past champion Bill Graves Sr. has a dominating lead and is currently the only CPP AutoCross Series driver with a “throw away” event on the books as he has attended all six events so far in 2021. Sitting at a total of 94 points, with a 7 point “throw away” from the Spring Nationals event, Bill leads the field with an accountable 87 points for his best five.

Tim Molzen has earned points at four events so far and sits second with 53 points, Scot Spiewak holds down the number three spot with 34 points, Mike Goodman ran the table in Nashville earning 20 points in his only appearance so far in 2021, and the fifth place is a tie between Richard Giesey and Craig Williams each with 15 points in two events.

Moving on to the LMC Truck category the standings tighten back up with Rob MacGregor holding just a 3-point lead over Brandon Carter, MacGregor with 30 points and Carter holding 27 points. The jump from second to third is just another 3 points and Patrick McGinnis holds that position at 24 points. Danny Cartwright sits in the number four spot with 20 points and Mark Allen claims fifth with 19 points.

We knew the new FiTech Challenger class would be a hit and the current points standings show just how competitive this new entry-level class has quickly become. In total eight drivers fill the top five points positions with three of those spots being ties. Stan Martin and Jared Cash are tied for first with 23 points, Christopher Haigeler sits second with 20 points, Tom Adjutant is third with 19 points, Tom Hull and Stacy Herman are tied for fourth with 15 points, and Jorgen Moller is tied with Chris Warwick for fifth with 10 points.

The Wilwood All American class is another category stacked with ties for the top five positions – 16 divers in total to be exact. Chris Wheelock sits atop the standings with 19 points earned in two events followed by Lloyd Collins with 13 points also earned from two events. From there four drivers are tied for third with 10 points, four more drivers are tied for fourth with 9 points, and six drivers are fighting for fifth place with 8 points.

For complete points Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series standings visit this link: Points Standings

For more information about how to get involved with Goodguys AutoCross racing and to see the full event schedule, visit www.GoodguysAX.com

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