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Nick Griot has been around cool cars all of his life, so it’s no surprise that, as the son of Griot's Garage founder (and car care product legend) Richard Griot, he decided to go in a totally different direction when it came time for him to choose a career. It is surprising, however, that his

“It’s basically my high school dream car on steroids,” Robert Torppa says about his stunning red '68 Firebird. While Robert was grateful for the vehicles his family did provide for him in high school, what they thought he needed was a far cry from what his teenage heart wanted. Growing up in the heyday

Things are quiet and at idle right now. Old man winter has settled in leaving us with visions of sunnier days and hi-octane fun. While you guys and gals are busy in your garages tuning and servicing your hot rods, we are locked and loaded getting all of the details ironed out for our 2019

Mike Stedman is a lifelong hot rodder from Vernon, British Columbia. When he and his wife, Kay, grew tired of getting sunburned in his roadster, he decided to build a truck. Not just any truck, but an early-’60s-style custom. And build a truck he did. At home. Using many swap meet parts. In fact, a

When one thinks of Hershey, Pennsylvania, ground-breaking rods and customs are probably not the first things that come to mind. Chocolate, of course, is the immediate connection, and the biggest automotive car swap meet on the planet comes next. But for in-the-know hot rodders, the sweet smell of Hershey’s world-famous confection wafts over another equality

Hector Zuniga was only 16 years old when he fell in love. Both with his wife, and the 1955 Chevy Nomad in her cousin Gloria’s garage. It needed a lot of work by then, but the family had bought it brand new and still had it. Hector really liked the Nomad and over the years