Fuel Curve Countdown. The Nation’s Top 10 Pro Mods, Jason Scruggs

Pro Mod Madness! Our Fuel Curve Top 10 List, #2 Jason Scruggs

#2 – Jason Scruggs – the “Mississippi Missile

pro mod madness, fuel curveOn the eighth-mile scale, it doesn’t get any better than Jason Scruggs – the farmer from Mississippi. When it comes to outlaw Pro Modified racing, Scruggs has seen it all, and probably started at least half of it.

Scruggs started racing in 1990 at his local hometown track with a 1968 Camaro in bracket races. Mimicking the racers before him in the 80s and 90s, bracket racing quickly wore on him so he started racing a small block Chevy powered, screw-supercharged 1963 Corvette in local Outlaw Pro Mod events. Things progressed quickly. He became the first eighth-mile door slammer driver in history to break into the 3-second zone back in 2004.

As with every racer, Scruggs has had his ups and downs but he always bounces back better than ever. He’s been behind the wheel for many barrier braking runs, countless records and has won his fair share of events and championships. Regardless, if Scruggs is having a rare off-weekend, we’re sure his competitors are always antsy when they line up next to him

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