SEMA 2017 Gallery Day 3 – Racing

Day 3 at SEMA 2017 was electric! Exhibitors, builders and attendees were all buzzing over what has transpired the past 48 hours with major awards being handed out and numerous party options offering late-night shenanigans. Sleep? Psh! Who needs that?!? Our photo team has been scouring every square inch of the Las Vegas Convention Center shooting pictures of everything that moves our needle these past three days. We’ve shown you some of the best Trucks, Hot Rods & Muscle Cars and now it’s time to peek the higher horsepower Race Cars that are proudly displayed.

Everything from slammed out drift cars to jacked up trophy trucks and 10,000 horsepower nitro-burning top fuelers can be seen…and then some! You like tight cornering, asphalt assaulting warriors? Perfect! We’ll show you some NASCAR’s, AutoCross machines and Le Mans exotics that’ll blow your socks off. The SEMA Show isn’t just a trade show or a car show, it truly engulfs the aftermarket industry as a whole. See what we’re talking about in the gallery below!

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Steven is the grandson to the legendary Bob Bunker who piloted the green "Folsom Flash" 1955 Chevy from the 70's through the 90's. As a dragstrip kid, Steven started his automotive journalism path by photographing drag racing events and also building drag cars while working in his fathers shop. Since joining our team, Steven has grown leaps and bounds journalistically. He is now artfully crafting stories around the awesome machines at the shows, as well as the men and women behind them. When Steven is not on the road covering events, he spends his downtime out on the water fishing, building his 1962 Chevy Nova, or cruising his 1987 GMC Suburban.

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