Sidekick Stool, Fuel Curve

Sidekick Stool, Get it Done Sitting Down!

The Sidekick Stool from takes the pain out of DIY wrenching and maintenance! How many times have we ground our kneecaps on the concrete floor or pulled something in our back stooping, straining or stretching? If you’re like us – it can be a common occurrence.

Thankfully – there are garage heroes and industrial designers like James Finney and Gene Duarte – guys who were able to combine their passion for cars with a business plan. Through – they offer fellow DIY’ers and weekend warriors with some awesome products that are not only cool and creative – but are of the highest quality.

Sidekick Stool, Fuel Curve

Take their Sidekick Stool for instance. Not only is it a rolling tool bench topped with a cushioned seat, it can hold up to 450lbs which can come in handy if you’re on the hot rods and hamburgers diet. The rolling tool chest/seat features oversized 3″ rubber swivel casters, folding magnetic side trays to keep those loose nuts and bolts corralled, ball bearing sliding doors and comes ready to be your sliding sidekick once you screw on the wheels.

It’s so genius it makes us kick ourselves for not thinking of it first but also makes us salute them for such a simple and practical fix to an age old car guy dilemma. It’s made of weather resistant steel, weighs in at 38lbs, and features fully-assembled dimensions of 20″ tall x 16″ across x 15″ deep. We’re kind of partial to the silver, green and black livery too. also offers other essential items garage gurus everywhere can use. Like the Sidekick Stool, they’re hi-quality, durable and essential for making a mechanic’s life better!

Sidekick Stool, Fuel Curve

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