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EVENT EXTRA! A Truckload of Hot Haulers from the Spring Lone Star Nationals

Here at Goodguys we know we can expect trucks to roll in full force at our Texas events. At the Spring Lone Star Nationals just a couple weeks ago, we made sure to point our camera’s at a variety of pickups to bring you a truckload gallery of the hot haulers that were on site – everything from hot rod pickups, to slammed cruisers, and bad fast race trucks tearing up the AutoCross track.

Truckload, goodguys, show truck, restored truck, c10

Truckload, goodguys, show truck, restored truck, burnout contest, burnout

There are plenty of reasons for trucks to dominate in Texas. There’s an abundance of them sitting in fields retired from farm and ranch duty waiting on a second chance to hit the road. Even city-based Texans seem to prefer trucks, so it’s natural for them to look for trucks when it comes time to tackle a restoration or hot rod project. We dig ‘em all and always look to Texas for the latest truck trends to hit the industry.

It’s no secret C10’s rule the roost from coast-to-coast, but in Texas the diversity runs far & wide. We were taken back by Mark Lowe’s 1938 Dodge Brothers pickup he homebuilt as well as Bobby Batson’s 1948 Chevy Pickup that started life as a 2-door coupe…and a rough one at that. Chris Eshelman’s blown 1985 S10 caught our attention when he pulled through the tunnel, and Terry Hall’s 1939 Diamond T was insanely cool!

Truckload, goodguys, show truck, restored truck, dodge brothers, 1938 dodge truck

Truckload, goodguys, show truck, restored truck, diamond t

We pulled over 70 photos of different trucks that were in attendance in Texas to showcase – we’re sure there’s a truck or two in here that will get the wheels turning thinking about a new project…enjoy!

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Steven is the grandson to the legendary Bob Bunker who piloted the green "Folsom Flash" 1955 Chevy from the 70's through the 90's. As a dragstrip kid, Steven started his automotive journalism path by photographing drag racing events and also building drag cars while working in his fathers shop. Since joining our team, Steven has grown leaps and bounds journalistically. He is now artfully crafting stories around the awesome machines at the shows, as well as the men and women behind them. When Steven is not on the road covering events, he spends his downtime out on the water fishing, building his 1962 Chevy Nova, or cruising his 1987 GMC Suburban.

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