2017 Zero DSR electric motorcycle

Zero DSR All-Electric Motorcycle. Zero Emissions. Infinite Possibilities. [Review]

Written by guest author, Arv Voss

2017 Zero DSR electric motorcycleBefore readers turn up their nose at the prospect of owning and riding an electric motorcycle, be advised the Zero DSR is a genuine bonafide motorcycle that happens to offer significant benefits over a petrol fueled bike.

Electric bicycles have been around for years, as have electric cars, but there haven’t been many electric motorcycles available. Zero Motorcycles is a major player and award-winning manufacturer in the ever-growing electric motorcycle marketplace. Electric powered motorcycles are highly desirable modes of transportation because they’re quiet, environmentally friendly, inexpensive to operate, they charge quickly, and deliver exhilarating performance. Truly an ideal ride for commuting or recreation.

There’s also the advantage of minimized maintenance and service – no oil to check or change, no spark plugs to replace, no transmission parts to wear out, no cooling system to contend with, no exhaust system issues to deal with, and no valves to adjust or replace.

2017 Zero DSR electric motorcycle

Even the cost to run is minimal. Fully charging the bike from totally depleted typically only costs $1.78. Its intended purpose is not for long range touring, but long trips are possible with proper planning.

Zero Motorcycles, based in Scotts Valley, CA has been producing electric motorcycles since 2006, and we had the opportunity to ride several of their earlier versions, which all came with chain final drives. Newer models have been converted to quieter belt drives and provide extended range through improved battery technology along with faster charging times and lighter advanced construction materials.

The Zero DSR – the ultimate electric dual sport/adventure motorcycle – is based on an aircraft aluminum frame and looks for all the world like any other dual sport adventure ride. With a whopping 106 pound-feet of instant torque, a seamless linear power range, a comfortable and commanding riding position and plenty of suspension travel, the DSR is equally at home on either pavement or off the beaten path in the dirt.

2017 Zero DSR electric motorcycle

The seat height is a comfortable 33.2-inches – great for tall riders and long legs, but perhaps not so much for the vertically challenged. The bike is lightning quick, rocketing from 0-60 in a scant 3.9 seconds, with a top maximum speed of 98 mph (90 mph on a sustained run) and is immediately responsive in the handling department. Handlebars are positioned for optimum control and the mid-positioned foot pegs and brake pedal complete an ideal riding position. There are also foot pegs and hand grips for a passenger.

The technology boasts normal, eco and sport riding modes that are switchable on the fly, which obviously impacts one’s range, and instrumentation consists of a graphic percentage of charge indicator, mode indicator, a dual trip odometer and turn signal indicator.

Since there are a variety of rider types, Zero has sought to address riding styles and requirements by offering a variety of electric motorcycles suited to various purposes from off-road dirt bikes to more cruiser oriented bikes with dual-purpose and adventure examples in between. Models include: an amped up example of a supermoto bike in the form of the Zero FXS, which is derived from their popular Zero FX, and the Zero DSR.

Power for Zero premiere models is courtesy of a new patent-pending Z-Force® 75 ZR motor, which is a passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux, interior permanent hi-temp magnet, brushless motor with a High efficiency, 660 amp, 3-phase brushless controller featuring regenerative deceleration. The new motor delivers 67 horsepower at 4,000 rpm (50kW) while producing 106 pound-feet of instant torque. Energy makes its way to the rear wheel through a clutchless direct drive via a 130T/28T Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt.

Our test Zero DSR – outfitted with the Power Tank – was appropriately finished in Black, since it is effectively a stealth motorcycle. The base sticker was set at $15,995., while the as-tested price came to $18,669. With Power Tank ($2,674) – Add $1,988 for Charge Tank to base price in place of Power Tank.

*MSRP does not include shipping, applicable taxes,   PDI, registration or dealer installation of optional accessories. Government incentives may apply. Dealer prep may add to cost and can vary.

City147 miles184 miles
Highway, 55 mph88 miles110 miles
>>combined110 miles138 miles
Highway, 70 mph70 miles88 miles
>>combined95 miles119 miles
Peak Torque116 lb-ft116 lb-ft
Peak Power70 hp @ 3500 rpm70 hp @ 3500 rpm
Top Speed (max)102 mph102 mph
Top Speed (sustained)90 mph90 mph
TypeZ-Force® 75-7R passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux, interior permanent hi-temp magnet, brushless motorZ-Force® 75-7R passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux, interior permanent hi-temp magnet, brushless motor
ControllerHigh efficiency, 775 amp, 3-phase brushless controller with regenerative decelerationHigh efficiency, 775 amp, 3-phase brushless controller with regenerative deceleration
Power PackZ-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integratedZ-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated
Max. Capacity13 kWh16.3 kWh
Nominal Capacity11.4 kWh14.3 kWh
Charge Time (standard)8.9 hours11.0 hours
>> with charge tank accessory2.9 hoursN/A
TransmissionClutchless direct driveClutchless direct drive
Final Drive90T / 20T, Poly Chain® HTD® Carbon™ belt90T / 20T, Poly Chain® HTD® Carbon™ belt
Seat Height
Frame23 lb23 lb
Curb Weight419 lb463 lb
Carrying Capacity356 lb312 lb
Equivalent fuel economy (city)435 MPGe435 MPGe
Equivalent fuel economy (hwy)210 MPGe210 MPGe
Typical cost to recharge$1.46$1.83
Standard Motorcycle Warranty2 years2 years
Power Pack Warranty5 years / unlimited miles5 years / unlimited miles

2017 Zero DSR electric motorcycle

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